Draught drinks

With Flexikeg, it is now possible to have an eco-friendly AND user-friendly keg, while saving costs.

Reduce your costs!

Divide your storage and transport costs

An empty Flexikeg takes up to 10 times less storage space than any other keg on the market. This saves you up to 70% on your transport costs.


The Flexikeg design has been thought out in such a way that over-foaming is reduced to a minimum and will be a distant memory.


The Flexikegs are equipped with a draining technology that allows extraction of up to 99.5% of their capacity. So you can draw until the last drop!

How does it work?

Positioning of the keg:

The Flexikegs are designed to be used in every position: standing, lying down, hanging, it's your choice!

The different types of brewing :

The Flexikegs are compatible with every kind of fermentation. They are 100% compatible with the existing installations.

Kegging and drawing :

All techniques are possible! Either with a pump or, in the case of Isobar kegging, by applying a counter pressure. Flexikegs are suitable for all fencers: A-head or John Guest, CO2 or compressed air, the choice is yours!

Loading on pallets :

Full kegs are palletised with wedges, so you can transport twice as much liquid per pallet (up to 40 kegs per pallet)


The REALLY eco-friendly keg

Reusable at least 100 times:

The Flexikegs have a lifespan of more than 100 rotations. They are very robust and reliable.

Each pocket is recycled:

Each used inside bag can be returned to us for recycling.

100% recyclable:

At the end of their life cycle, the Flexikegs are fully recyclable and recycled.

How Flexikeg works

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